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pretty messed up considering i couldnt run ads on some youtube videos due to "shocking content" (their words, not mine) due to some minor swearing

It's not "messed up".

There's millions of hours of videos on YouTube every day. Managing advertising while policing content and censoring scams on that scale is an incredibly difficult automation task. Why does reddit not get that? They're not manually vetting your 0.00001% contribution, they don't care. Should they keep working on improving their system? Yes. Are they messed up scammers deserving to get sued? Of course not.

That doesn't seem right, they shouldn't be vetting the content on youtube, each youtuber has freedom of speech and they should be allowed to say whatever they want because they will get only limited exposure, instead the focus should be on ads and i do believe each ad should be manually vetted because it is forced upon all users, imagine seeing a billboard on the street with this ad?

Seems they got the nod or order from a high position to do so.

But they will take down your videos in a heartbeat for any little reason

There is nothing that can be done about this. you tube knowingly allows it to happen. the number of potential victims is seemingly limitless.

that doesn't seem right, they could force a ban on all crypto currencies like they did in the past but they can't ban the scams?

Imagine seeing this on national television… why does youtube get away with it?

I’m going to call google tomorrow I will update y’all with answers

YouTube: I don’t give a f…


"minimum send is 3 eth"

"If you send 1 eth you will receive 10 eth"

Do they even proofread this shit? How on earth do people fall for these scams?

This is detracting the entire industry.

Exactly what google wants

Ok guys, we get it, there’s lot of scams on YouTube. We don’t need 10 threads every single day belaboring this

A lot of people here think YouTube should police this content harder. Be careful what you wish for.

It's pretty hard to automatically vet videos. The aggressive takedown of other content, that others here are bemoaning, is in response to similar concerns from other groups. Violence, foul language in the wrong places, scams, etc., get algorithmically policed, and YouTube, being a private company operating in almost every jurisdiction on earth, would rather take down one video too many than one too few.

How does one tell apart ads and informational content about crypto, new DeFi protocols, or ICOs, and scams? It may seem easy now, with the common pattern "plz send X ETH i send u 2X ETH". But if you start focusing hard on takedowns of these scams you'll get takedowns of legitimate and semi-legitimate crypto content, and you would be making the scams stealthier as they try to get around the filters.

If I got to choose, I'd prefer to let the scams pass through filters and make sure we educate people while keeping crypto content available on YouTube. The expected value of a scam like this should be made negative because it's pricey to run it and few people with significant holdings should be falling for it. As long as running these are worthwhile, that's a failure on the community and education part, not on YouTube.

Well depends what you mean by content, if you mean the videos of the youtubers then i don't think they should be doing any king of vetting, anyone should be able to express their views and opinions even if they are damaging, offensive.

But i believe the ads are completely different then the videos, and ads should be vetted, I think scam ads are doing more damage then real ads do good to the crypto community. and yes I agree it will get very confusing with ICOs and I'm fine either way if they allow or ban ICO ads, but like any law you should always draw some line i.e. there is no sense in allowing this obvious scam ads.

Google is a private company operating in nearly every jurisdiction on the planet. Every jurisdiction (including the US) have legal limits to free speech. Beyond the legal limits, there are social limits (people won't let their kids on YouTube if it's full of violent porn and terrorist propaganda). There will be vetting of videos.

I also don't really see the argument for treating videos and ads differently. Can you clarify why you think something should be allowed on the platform, show up in recommendations and links, but not be allowed as an ad?

Videos are watched based on consent, I have to click on it to watch it therefore giving an implicit consent to be subjected to content, google never asks me If i want to view some ad they are forcing me to watch it, that's why i believe they should be treated different, if someone forces me to watch something they should be held responsible for the content.

That doesn't really convince me. You are participating in a platform that runs on ads, so you should expect to see things you don't want to see, including things that are potentially harmful if you act on them. But I can see your point, too, so let's assume ads are special.

You're still caught in strange position. "Obvious scam" is just anything that follows a specific pattern, known to some group of people. An e-mail from a Nigerian prince, an ad for penis enlargement pills, videos by pick-up-artists asking you to join their course… Now, many of these things already get filtered away because people don't like them — Gmail prevents the prince scam from reaching your inbox, the ads on Google search won't give you penis enlargement sponsored results. So sure, they could, arguably, try to get rid of anything matching the pattern "u send me X ETH i send u bakk 2X". They probably will, once the problem becomes common enough and people are getting annoyed. If an ad is purporting to be a message from a real person, and the platform can contact that person to verify, that's great. Now your job is to convince YouTube that the problem is big enough and that it is hurting their business enough that they should turn their attention to it. I just think that's a hard sell. But you should know going in that they likely have no obligation to police every ad for such content, neither moral or legal, so in the end you have to make them believe there is a business case for doing so.

But then we'll get more sophisticated scams instead, so how much has the community won? Crypto videos become less annoying, sure, but casual users become a bit more complacent, and will fall for the next thing.

I just generally think that policing the internet for the bad stuff is a pretty weak strategy. It's especially pointless for a community built on self-sovereignty and decentralization to petition a centralized, profit-driven information provider to police dishonest content that is trying to fool you. It's doable, but is it really the battle you want to fight? Moving away from YouTube and building more beginner-friendly (i.e., harder to send all your money to a scammer) wallets seems like a more sensible solution, and then we can all chuckle at the silly ads until they die away, the way we do with the Nigerian prince letters.

could someone sue them for this?

I feel like you'd only have a case for specific performance, which would seriously limit what you can do in court.

Edit: Essentially, you'd only be able to sue for the cost of clicks you can prove were on "scam" websites, and the judgement would probably only be free ad credit to replace the 'damages'

While getting them a legal guardian would indeed be good for their own sake, I don't think that it's illegal to be stupid enough to fall for these.

This is messed up..its going to taint any potential adopters with a stigma if they fall for this.

there's an entire industry built around getting reputation on major networks and than pushing through spammy/prohibited ads before they get flagged.

I saw the same exact ad the other day.

Haven't seen ads on the web, on YouTube, on my phone… For years now

Can someone investigate in the websites running these scams

obvious censorship shill is obvious

I saw an ad about a kid showing everyone how to buy an iPhone 11 Pro for 2€, i checked the vid to see how retarded it was and when I watched the comments they were ALL fake, I instantly wondered why the fuck would someone at youtube approved that ad but well… money is money i guess

I always report them as “inappropriate” but they keep popping up anyway

Yea twitter got hacked like this. YouTube just lets it happen ni hack needed.

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